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The Iota Pi chapter (Grand Rapids, MI) of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. is thrilled to announce its Purple Carpet Ball, "FALL BACK WITH THE QUES". This promises to be a fun-filled night of dinner and dancing with friends and community leaders, as we celebrate great achievements within our community.

This scholarship and achievement gala provides an opportunity to come together in support and recognition of the contributions made by men and women toward advancing the quality of life for all Americans, and particularly for people of African descent.  It marks the culmination of our annual Achievement Week program and high school essay contest, which is open to college-bound high school seniors from our community.

We look forward to your support as we recognize the achievement of students and other community members who continue to make valuable contributions in the social, political and economic fabric of Greater Grand Rapids. 

For more information, call, text or email: 
(616) 334-3526
(616) 633-0721

                                 2017 Speaker  

                           Dr. Bill Pink

     President, Grand Rapids Community College

Iota Pi Chapter - Grand Rapids, MI

This event also offers you a sponsorship and advertisement opportunity. By supporting this event, your organization will be recognized as a partner in the program material, and you will be helping to UPLIFT deserving youth, our Omega Scouts, and hear from individuals who enrich our community.